The Exclusive Features of an Engineering Degree

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For those who are looking for a degree in engineering, it is better to know about the benefits of it. Although all the universities provide the expertise about their respective courses, through this blog, we are trying to convey about the benefits of taking a degree from our well-known engineering college in Pune which is SRCOE Engineering College, Pune. As we are providing the courses from years, it is better for the students to know what we are mainly concentrating on.

Career satisfaction

To all our students we are giving the career satisfaction. As we know, only the interested people come for engineering. So it is our duty to make their study interesting and lead them to their career. We are taking this great responsibility as the students and parents trust us a lot. As we are one of the best engineering colleges in Pune, we are vowed to do it to keep up with the expectations of the parents and the students. We do by every means to secure the future of the students by providing them the quality education making them experience the best place to be. No students have left our college without hope about their future. All are hopeful that they are competitive in the job market as all of them got the best education from our reputed college.

Necessary skills of an engineer

engineering college in pune

An engineer should possess certain skills for which one is known as a qualified engineer. Besides acquiring the technological skills, they also should have some administrational and managerial skills such as problem-solving, innovation, decision making, project management, communication, and team working. These are some of the essential qualities of an engineer too. Unfortunately, many of the engineers are lacking the same. We, SRCOE Engineering College concentrate on developing these skills in the upcoming engineers of India.

Standard of Education

We are providing the best standard education to our students to get into any national and international firm. Our students are now employed in many of the MNCs in India and abroad. They are the real testimonials of our quality and standard education we are providing to each student of our college.

International skills

Although the world is very small, it is a diverse place. The culture in every country is very different and it divides people. Our style of teaching of engineering is capable of coping up with any culture and any country as we teach our students the international skills. It can be applied in any country easily. It makes our college distinguished from other engineering colleges in Pune.

Practical work

We are providing all our student’s experience of industry atmosphere. We give them access and practice with industrial standard materials and machinery. Industry visits are the main outlook of our teaching style of engineering.

These are main benefits we are providing to our students in our engineering college. These are the basic things what the parents and students are expecting from us. With this, the candidates will be able to enrich themselves when they join for companies as everything starts from the basic things. Without foundation, nothing can be built up. We are giving the foundation and showing the way to their career. We are sure they will be able to continue the light we have given them and fuel more by years as they get the experience from the industries they work. As we provide placement to all students, it will be easy for them to have a start in their career. And it helps to develop themselves and aspire new things and possibilities in their life. This is what an engineering college in India needs to do for its students.

SRCOE: In Pursuit of Excellence

Education is the only wealth that belongs to you. No one can inherit it or can buy it. One has to put his honest efforts to create his own place in the society of education. The pros of a good education are well known to every wise mind. The real journey to pursue the excellence in education starts from the selection of the institute. From the very first pre- school to higher educational institute, your decision for selection of institute shapes your future. With the right education in mind, you get a golden opportunity to make your life more meaningful and can set an example in front of the society.Engineering college in Pune

Does the selection of college matter?

Yes, indeed your one decision can change the outlook of your future. We all have an inbuilt tendency to make our decisions under the influence of others. We believe on what we hear more than what we understand. And once the consequences of our decisions come in front of us, we end up blaming others. To make your hearing and understanding at a justified pace, this information is all you want to know, before taking any major decision for yourself or your near ones. SRCOE is one of the best engineering colleges in Pune that is serving the nation with quality in education since decades. It was established in 2008, under the guidance of Shree Maruti Ramchandra Bhumkar and his respected family. The renowned family is a dedicated family that believes in creating ambitious standards in the field of education and social service. They have contributed their good works for the upliftment of society and are still working on the journey of growth and development. The management is committed to providing the state of the art infrastructure to the students. Unlike other institutes, this institute is known for its ground touching fees structures which compliment the sky touching levels of education. With the education in mind, one can be the future responsible citizen of the country. The need to understand and to carry forward the good work is only fulfilled with the quality of education, we give to these young minds. One can only dream of a garden when he had watered the seeds in the correct amount. Similarly, the dream of healthy society could only be completed if we are shaping the healthy minds. The change is near, the change is you!

The fulfilling dreams

The college is listed among the top engineering institute. The advance practices of engineering in the College allow it to be the most preferred choice among the admission seekers. The protocol of the learning is focused on the two important aspects of life. Academic Excellence and Personality Development. These two traits are similar to two sides if the coin. Both of them compliments and give meaning to each other. Without academic excellence, there is no room for success for personality. Similarly, without a good pleasant personality, your academic accountabilities would not be recognized properly.

The Academic Excellence

The college has experienced faculty which is dedicated to providing thorough theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject. The theoretical knowledge helps in making the student understand the basic principles of the subject that in turn help them to have a good practical hand. The teachers are friendly with the students that make the teaching -learning process more easy and effective. Our previous academic record is the result of our achievement. The on- time completion of the subject syllabus is the key feature of their teaching style. This has helped the students to do the self- study of the subject and in the case of any doubt, they are always welcomed to discuss with their faculty.

Engineering College in Wagholi

Courses we offered;

Post- Graduation Courses:

  • E & TC (VLSI & EMB SYS.)
  • NITS

Graduation Courses:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • E& TC Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in Mechanical
  • Diploma in Civil
  • Diploma in Electrical

The extra care of extra- curricular activities

The college is a known name for making extra efforts in providing excellence among the extra- curricular activities of its students. The management is taking proper care to give equal opportunities to its students to develop in every domain of life. The particular care is being given to ensure that ethical principles are well nurtured inside the developing hearts of the youth of our country.

Why we?

Our achievements are loud. With our consistency and arduous work, we have managed to be the Best Engineering College of the City. Unlike other institutes, we are working for the social cause of imparting education to future of the society. Our economical fee structure with all the required amenities in the college has made us stay number one. We are on a long journey of finding and providing excellence in the society. The young enthusiastic minds are welcomed in our place!

Secure your future in Engineering

An engineering degree requires careful thought before and after taking the decision

Looking at the number of graduates passing out each year and the number of engineering colleges in India, a question arises in everyone’s mind that, “Whether India requires so many engineers?” Can they avail a job?

In this era of education, rather than focusing on the negativity, look at the bright side on the careers of successful engineers. The answer to the above question is “yes”, we need so many engineers. The world demands well-equipped, skilled graduates with the best attitude. There are several job opportunities for those who have dedication towards the field. In addition, there are ample number of chances for self-employment of sharp and energetic graduates.

The choice of college is also crucial

Students should choose to pursue engineering in a reputed college and have a dedication towards that branch, plan properly, serve hard and put a lot of efforts to equip themselves decently enough during their course. Students usually go with the top dwelling institutes. Among the top engineering colleges in Pune ranks Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering which has made its clear impression on the students.

Breaking free

Let’s look at the Indian education condition from the parent’s point of view whose wards are opting for engineering in colleges. Most of the students want to pursue professional degrees such as engineering and medicine. Since only limited seats are available in the field of medicine, the majority of the students are left with the next famous option i.e. engineering.

Our education system provides combinations of multiple courses in the secondary level of education such that a student by taking these groups can either pursue engineering or go for the medicine. The higher secondary leads the student towards assessing their attitude and deciding to pursue one of the streams. This ensures that the selected stream suits their aptitude but this does not happen.

The absence of precise orientation in the system, students follow an improper procedure while choosing their branch of study in Engineering. According to a report, the election of a branch of study is dependent on the following:

  1. Select the branch after counseling,
  2. The branch having excellent job openings as seen by the past year placements,
  3. Pressure from parents and
  4. Competitive pressure.

This is not the right method to choose the career. The correct method will be to give some time knowing one’s interest for a specific branch and check if it dwells well with the aptitude one has in that particular branch of study.

Because of such wrong methods, we face obstacles in employability and trouble in existing jobs, which can drive to high turnover rates and rise in the stress level of students.

Reality and Myth

Myth 1: One should be an expert such as a lawyer, doctor or engineer to be satisfied in life. Other degree programs are not valuable.

2: The marks scored by a student in higher secondary are a pure reflection of the student’s intelligence, and the student scoring 95 per cent is more talented than others.

3: Students who completed higher secondary education in a vernacular medium cannot glow in the professional courses that are taught in English.

4: Unemployment is on the rise, so campus placement is the only option.

How to make the decision

Some rules must be followed while choosing an engineering course.

  • The interest of the student and his decision of choosing a branch should be the main criteria for admission.
  • Every parent should help the child find out their interests and the aptitude and support them to study a branch of his interest.
  • Parents should avoid taking decisions on behalf of the candidate.
  • It is not smart to pick a branch of study as it is common or because the job chances are great.

Brain Chip – Engineering your Brains

Engineering since the last two decades has played a vital role in changing the entire world as we see today. The extra wide scope of engineering has made it reach every aspect of today’s life. Even our day to day life has been almost engineered by the number of devices that we use to ease our routine. As a result, more and more rigorous research has been undertaken across the world and this is what is attracting the youth towards engineering. No trade today in engineering is said to be the area of only male engineers since many female engineers too are seen to rule the area.

The result is that the number of colleges too has been increasing at lot. However, having had a degree is not just enough in today’s competitive world. One must have a sound knowledge, hands on experience and recent updates of the trade he/she has chosen. Therefore, it is very important that you should earn a degree that is delivered from a renowned college. SRCOE college in Pune is reputed among the top engineering colleges in Pune which provide a perfect guidance to the students so as to learn engineering in depth. An added advantage of SRCOE is that they provide value added quality education in Engineering Diploma, Graduation and Post Graduation to the students.

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering in the past few years has brought a revolution in the telecommunication industry by the use of radiowaves and microwaves. E&TC has expanded its scope till the biological field too. Technology with the help of electronics has extended its applications in medical field. Since, the use of chemical therapeutics has been criticized a lot and sometimes, they fail to bring out the expected results, medical science took the help of engineering to bring out the revolution in curing dreadful diseases. Today, a lot of research is being undertaken worldwide to cure neural diseases like Schizophrenia, Alzheimer, etc. and to treat paralyzed patients.

An electronic device linked to the brain is termed as a brain chip. A brain chip acts as a sensor or actuator and assists the brain functioning. But you may ask how exactly a brain chip works? How is it possible to fit it in the brain? Actually, the answer to the second question is the toughest one, i.e., to connect chips and real neurons. Currently, research is being conducted to link the two by tiny electronic arrays. Well, now coming back to the first question, here is what actually a brain chip does. The brain of Alzheimer’s patients, epileptic patients, paralytic patients or the one suffered by stroke is damaged in the sense that few of their neurons fail to sense the senses that they receive from rest of their body. The brain chip, once fitted in the brain, senses the neural senses that the damaged brain in the patients cannot. The brain chip is engineered to send electrical signals that are exactly the same way a normal brain sends.

engineering colleges in Pune

The chips may be made from silicon, tungsten, platinum-iridium, or even stainless steel. However, it cannot be ignored that in future, they may be prepared from more exotic materials such as nanoscale carbon fibers (nanotubes) and polycarbonate urethane. As of now, the use of brain chips to engineer brain is under developmental phase. A lot of research has been done on experimental animals and still will be going on for few years to come.

Needless to mention that brain chips will revolutionize the next era in Electronic and Telecommunication. Not only is this, but rest of the vast scope of Electronic and Telecommunication in Engineering all set to make life even better. However, one should not ignore that the college from which degree has been earned does matter. One of the highly recommended engineering colleges in Pune is the SRCOE Pune that makes you practically skilled in engineering and keeps you updated about the recent trends in engineering. So, what to think more? Be a part of SRCOE and join the engineering revolutionary team!

Engineering Innovations that are Changing the World

In this Modern era, most of the students pursue professional programmers like engineering from top-notch colleges. Many of the students prefer engineering as it is one of the prominent fields in Education sector. Students usually go with the most promising institutes. Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering is one of the top engg colleges in Pune. As they believe that the leaders of tomorrow are the young generation of today. The engineering sector is dwelling in success with the latest innovations in several engineering fields. These innovations play an important role to motivate the students.

Latest Engineering Innovations

Mechanical Engineering:

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3D Printing is one hiking sector in manufacturing technology, and this year it has hiked even more. 3D Printing innovations are rolling up almost every day. But, the innovation that caught everyone’s eye was Strati, it is the first fully 3D Printed car designed in America by Local Motors. Almost 44 hours were taken to print all the car components and then another two days for assembling them together. This car has only 40 components as compared to average car components which can be up to 20000. Local Motors stated that they designed the car this way in order to minimize tooling costs and complexity.

Civil Engineering:

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At MIT, Civil Engineering experts came up with stronger and durable concrete with 50 percent less carbon emissions. North Carolina State University Experimenters developed a sensing skin technology merging electrodes and computing to quickly identify cracks or damage in the structures.

Swiss researchers in another successful experiment, showed that shape memory alloys can be utilized in the building industry for applications like building up of bridges. As the name states, a shape memory alloy memorizes its shape when bent out of shape. These innovations can be used to overcome drawbacks in concrete’s weakness like tension with innovation like prestressed concrete.

Electrical Engineering:

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Some Researchers at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology developed a microwave circuit that transmits data up to 40 gigabytes per second.

Another example is of integrated circuit designed from the University of Arkansas which can sustain temperatures more than 350 degrees Celsius.

NTU Engineers were able to print complex circuits on materials like plastic, paper, and aluminum foil.

But the most buzz worthy invention was made by Polytechnic University of Valencia. They can charge any device wirelessly by using an energy transfer device.

The device uses resonance coupling, linking the energy transmitter and the other device to gain the required transfer of electrical energy.

Computer Science Engineering:

best placement services in pune

The most amazing computing technology came from Google with the No CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA application programming interface which want users to confirm they are human by selecting a checkbox stating – I’m not a robot. The system can read simple human movements like waiting before clicking a checkbox.

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University built Wyvern, a programming language which make it easy to use multiple languages for one programming task. It is the first type specific language that can understand and convert literals into various types of programming languages.


Throughout history, many brilliant minds have thought of many great ideas. Some of those ideas have come up with inventions that changed our lives forever. We should appreciate the new innovations from the young and creative minds as without creative minds implementing their ideas to test, many of the things we take for granted would never have been there.


The last 15 years has seen an enormous rise in the number of students acknowledging themselves into engineering colleges, from about 6 lakhs in 2005 to about 25 lakhs in 2015-16. However, the number of jobs has largely stalemated(fallen).

The excellent year for engineers was the pass-out batch of 2006-07 (82% placed) exactly 11 years ago. This was the batch that got into colleges in 2003-2004. At that point, the seats arranged for engineering were almost on an equality with students looking forward to jobs. It was the year when the IT /Software companies were flying high. As the engineering institutions came across success, that’s why they started expanding.

The decrease in job placements hasn’t occurred overnight. The immoderate growth rate of the software industry has fallen down from a huge number from 2006. Almost all the companies are looking forward to greater efficiency. Every company has its own systems and processes taking over, resulting in the fall of manpower requirement.

On the other hand, decreased employment opportunities have cut down the attrition levels drastically — from 30% to 14%. Employees of software companies are no longer challenging. Companies are also accelerating the bar and retain learned to sustain their best employees.

Companies now know about campuses with lasting manpower. They recruit only 40% of their annual requirement and don’t create ‘bench strength’. They are aware that many would be available as and when they want. Recruitment happens whenever it is required. Companies no longer risk a standby staffing or recruited but not adding to the output.

India should take a step forward to solve this imbalance immediately. As a well-developed country, we must work on creating research, encourage a scientific temperament, push academics as a career, and motivate aspirants to study further and aim higher.

The current system from the best engineering colleges in India is very effective, especially from the educational hub Pune.

Most engineers look for a job in a software company after completing their education in deep engineering. In fact, many aspirants who go in for a Master’s are those who haven’t been recruited yet. This has resulted in ‘intake quality’ problems for all our Master’s/Ph.D. programmes.

The situation calls for crucial measures to manage the imbalances — employment, further education, capacity building and so on.

  • The most immediate step could be encouraging placement at the Master’s level too. After this, companies will have better-educated aspirants seeking employment.
  • We must get back in the past SMEs and MSMEs into the recruitment pools, which has been neglected. They will take up the core engineers.
  • As a country, we must also focus on incorporated programmes and to educate our youngsters more. The current engineering education system is generating more aspirants looking for a job. If we were to promote and allow more integrated 5-year Master’s programmes, the best students will study until they finish post-graduation.

Minimum standards for setting up engineering colleges must grow further. Institutions must be given a 5-year time-frame to match those growing standards.

  • Motivate research, fellowships at the Master’s level. Determine the best talent at the undergraduate level and direct them to the right way and field.
  • The current situation requires a dramatic restructure. We will begin to have more social unrest and less economic activity, under such circumstances.
  • We have no right to ‘demographic dividend’ for our students.

As far as today’s concern, engineering industry has a demand for lot of engineers in the market. The world has developed in its entire field and has become more digitalized than past years. There are many Engineering Diploma colleges in Pune which provide many courses with effective and guaranteed studies and also with the job placements in the best companies.

Is the government prepared? Is the government thinking over it? And planning to improve the system?

Reverse Engineering: A Powerful Requirement Gathering Technique

Whether it’s reconstruction a car engine or diagramming a sentence, one can learn about many things just by taking them apart and putting them back together again. That, in a nutshell, is the concept behind reverse-engineering—breaking something down so that we can understand it, build a copy or improve it.

A process that was initially applied only to hardware, reverse-engineering is now applied to software, databases and even human DNA as well. Reverse-engineering is highly important with computer hardware and software. Programs are written in a language; say Java or C++, that’s understandable by other programmers. But to run on a computer, they have to be converted by another program, called a compiler, into the zeros and ones of machine language. Compiled code is unintelligible to most programmers, but there are ways to change machine code back to a more human-friendly format, including a software tool which is known as a decompiler. Reverse engineering is used in a variety of fields offered by the best engineering college in pune such as software design, software testing, programming etc.

Reverse-engineering is used for many purposes: as a learning tool; as a way to make something new, compatible products which are at low-priced than what’s currently in the market; for making software work more effectively or to bridge data between the different operating systems or the databases.

PCCOE is one of the top engineering college in Pune which offers courses to provide student with opportunity to specialize in particular area within engineering
Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering, is basically the process of taking a software program’s binary code and replenishing it so as to trace it back to the actual source code, is being widely used in computer software and hardware to enhance product features or fix certain bugs. For example, the programmer writes the code in a high-level language such as C, C++ and etc. As computers don’t speak these languages, so the code written in these programming languages needs to be gather in a format that is machine specific. In short, the code written in high-level programming language needs to be interpreted into low level or machine language.

The process of converting the code written in high level programming language into a low level language without changing the original program is called as reverse engineering. It’s similar to dismantling the parts of a vehicle to understand the main and basic functioning of the machine and internal parts etc. and after that making appropriate adjustment to give rise to a better performance of a machine and making a superior vehicle.

If we have a look at the subject of reverse engineering (RE) in the context of software engineering, we will find that it is the practice of examining the software system to extract the actual design with implementation information. A typical reverse engineering scenario would comprise of a software module that has been worked on for number of years and carries the line of business in its code; but the original source code might be lost, leaving the developers only with the binary code. In such a case, reverse engineering ability would be used by software engineers to identify probable malware and virus to eventually protect the cognitive property of the company. Learn more protecting Intellectual Property in engineering college in Pune.

In simple word we can say reverse engineering is the practice of taking something which already exists and peeling away its layers to better understand exactly what makes it active.