Brain Chip – Engineering your Brains

Engineering since the last two decades has played a vital role in changing the entire world as we see today. The extra wide scope of engineering has made it reach every aspect of today’s life. Even our day to day life has been almost engineered by the number of devices that we use to ease our routine. As a result, more and more rigorous research has been undertaken across the world and this is what is attracting the youth towards engineering. No trade today in engineering is said to be the area of only male engineers since many female engineers too are seen to rule the area.

The result is that the number of colleges too has been increasing at lot. However, having had a degree is not just enough in today’s competitive world. One must have a sound knowledge, hands on experience and recent updates of the trade he/she has chosen. Therefore, it is very important that you should earn a degree that is delivered from a renowned college. SRCOE college in Pune is reputed among the top engineering colleges in Pune which provide a perfect guidance to the students so as to learn engineering in depth. An added advantage of SRCOE is that they provide value added quality education in Engineering Diploma, Graduation and Post Graduation to the students.

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering in the past few years has brought a revolution in the telecommunication industry by the use of radiowaves and microwaves. E&TC has expanded its scope till the biological field too. Technology with the help of electronics has extended its applications in medical field. Since, the use of chemical therapeutics has been criticized a lot and sometimes, they fail to bring out the expected results, medical science took the help of engineering to bring out the revolution in curing dreadful diseases. Today, a lot of research is being undertaken worldwide to cure neural diseases like Schizophrenia, Alzheimer, etc. and to treat paralyzed patients.

An electronic device linked to the brain is termed as a brain chip. A brain chip acts as a sensor or actuator and assists the brain functioning. But you may ask how exactly a brain chip works? How is it possible to fit it in the brain? Actually, the answer to the second question is the toughest one, i.e., to connect chips and real neurons. Currently, research is being conducted to link the two by tiny electronic arrays. Well, now coming back to the first question, here is what actually a brain chip does. The brain of Alzheimer’s patients, epileptic patients, paralytic patients or the one suffered by stroke is damaged in the sense that few of their neurons fail to sense the senses that they receive from rest of their body. The brain chip, once fitted in the brain, senses the neural senses that the damaged brain in the patients cannot. The brain chip is engineered to send electrical signals that are exactly the same way a normal brain sends.

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The chips may be made from silicon, tungsten, platinum-iridium, or even stainless steel. However, it cannot be ignored that in future, they may be prepared from more exotic materials such as nanoscale carbon fibers (nanotubes) and polycarbonate urethane. As of now, the use of brain chips to engineer brain is under developmental phase. A lot of research has been done on experimental animals and still will be going on for few years to come.

Needless to mention that brain chips will revolutionize the next era in Electronic and Telecommunication. Not only is this, but rest of the vast scope of Electronic and Telecommunication in Engineering all set to make life even better. However, one should not ignore that the college from which degree has been earned does matter. One of the highly recommended engineering colleges in Pune is the SRCOE Pune that makes you practically skilled in engineering and keeps you updated about the recent trends in engineering. So, what to think more? Be a part of SRCOE and join the engineering revolutionary team!

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