Engineering Innovations that are Changing the World

In this Modern era, most of the students pursue professional programmers like engineering from top-notch colleges. Many of the students prefer engineering as it is one of the prominent fields in Education sector. Students usually go with the most promising institutes. Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering is one of the top engg colleges in Pune. As they believe that the leaders of tomorrow are the young generation of today. The engineering sector is dwelling in success with the latest innovations in several engineering fields. These innovations play an important role to motivate the students.

Latest Engineering Innovations

Mechanical Engineering:

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3D Printing is one hiking sector in manufacturing technology, and this year it has hiked even more. 3D Printing innovations are rolling up almost every day. But, the innovation that caught everyone’s eye was Strati, it is the first fully 3D Printed car designed in America by Local Motors. Almost 44 hours were taken to print all the car components and then another two days for assembling them together. This car has only 40 components as compared to average car components which can be up to 20000. Local Motors stated that they designed the car this way in order to minimize tooling costs and complexity.

Civil Engineering:

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At MIT, Civil Engineering experts came up with stronger and durable concrete with 50 percent less carbon emissions. North Carolina State University Experimenters developed a sensing skin technology merging electrodes and computing to quickly identify cracks or damage in the structures.

Swiss researchers in another successful experiment, showed that shape memory alloys can be utilized in the building industry for applications like building up of bridges. As the name states, a shape memory alloy memorizes its shape when bent out of shape. These innovations can be used to overcome drawbacks in concrete’s weakness like tension with innovation like prestressed concrete.

Electrical Engineering:

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Some Researchers at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology developed a microwave circuit that transmits data up to 40 gigabytes per second.

Another example is of integrated circuit designed from the University of Arkansas which can sustain temperatures more than 350 degrees Celsius.

NTU Engineers were able to print complex circuits on materials like plastic, paper, and aluminum foil.

But the most buzz worthy invention was made by Polytechnic University of Valencia. They can charge any device wirelessly by using an energy transfer device.

The device uses resonance coupling, linking the energy transmitter and the other device to gain the required transfer of electrical energy.

Computer Science Engineering:

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The most amazing computing technology came from Google with the No CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA application programming interface which want users to confirm they are human by selecting a checkbox stating – I’m not a robot. The system can read simple human movements like waiting before clicking a checkbox.

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University built Wyvern, a programming language which make it easy to use multiple languages for one programming task. It is the first type specific language that can understand and convert literals into various types of programming languages.


Throughout history, many brilliant minds have thought of many great ideas. Some of those ideas have come up with inventions that changed our lives forever. We should appreciate the new innovations from the young and creative minds as without creative minds implementing their ideas to test, many of the things we take for granted would never have been there.

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