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An engineering degree requires careful thought before and after taking the decision

Looking at the number of graduates passing out each year and the number of engineering colleges in India, a question arises in everyone’s mind that, “Whether India requires so many engineers?” Can they avail a job?

In this era of education, rather than focusing on the negativity, look at the bright side on the careers of successful engineers. The answer to the above question is “yes”, we need so many engineers. The world demands well-equipped, skilled graduates with the best attitude. There are several job opportunities for those who have dedication towards the field. In addition, there are ample number of chances for self-employment of sharp and energetic graduates.

The choice of college is also crucial

Students should choose to pursue engineering in a reputed college and have a dedication towards that branch, plan properly, serve hard and put a lot of efforts to equip themselves decently enough during their course. Students usually go with the top dwelling institutes. Among the top engineering colleges in Pune ranks Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering which has made its clear impression on the students.

Breaking free

Let’s look at the Indian education condition from the parent’s point of view whose wards are opting for engineering in colleges. Most of the students want to pursue professional degrees such as engineering and medicine. Since only limited seats are available in the field of medicine, the majority of the students are left with the next famous option i.e. engineering.

Our education system provides combinations of multiple courses in the secondary level of education such that a student by taking these groups can either pursue engineering or go for the medicine. The higher secondary leads the student towards assessing their attitude and deciding to pursue one of the streams. This ensures that the selected stream suits their aptitude but this does not happen.

The absence of precise orientation in the system, students follow an improper procedure while choosing their branch of study in Engineering. According to a report, the election of a branch of study is dependent on the following:

  1. Select the branch after counseling,
  2. The branch having excellent job openings as seen by the past year placements,
  3. Pressure from parents and
  4. Competitive pressure.

This is not the right method to choose the career. The correct method will be to give some time knowing one’s interest for a specific branch and check if it dwells well with the aptitude one has in that particular branch of study.

Because of such wrong methods, we face obstacles in employability and trouble in existing jobs, which can drive to high turnover rates and rise in the stress level of students.

Reality and Myth

Myth 1: One should be an expert such as a lawyer, doctor or engineer to be satisfied in life. Other degree programs are not valuable.

2: The marks scored by a student in higher secondary are a pure reflection of the student’s intelligence, and the student scoring 95 per cent is more talented than others.

3: Students who completed higher secondary education in a vernacular medium cannot glow in the professional courses that are taught in English.

4: Unemployment is on the rise, so campus placement is the only option.

How to make the decision

Some rules must be followed while choosing an engineering course.

  • The interest of the student and his decision of choosing a branch should be the main criteria for admission.
  • Every parent should help the child find out their interests and the aptitude and support them to study a branch of his interest.
  • Parents should avoid taking decisions on behalf of the candidate.
  • It is not smart to pick a branch of study as it is common or because the job chances are great.

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