SRCOE: In Pursuit of Excellence

Education is the only wealth that belongs to you. No one can inherit it or can buy it. One has to put his honest efforts to create his own place in the society of education. The pros of a good education are well known to every wise mind. The real journey to pursue the excellence in education starts from the selection of the institute. From the very first pre- school to higher educational institute, your decision for selection of institute shapes your future. With the right education in mind, you get a golden opportunity to make your life more meaningful and can set an example in front of the society.Engineering college in Pune

Does the selection of college matter?

Yes, indeed your one decision can change the outlook of your future. We all have an inbuilt tendency to make our decisions under the influence of others. We believe on what we hear more than what we understand. And once the consequences of our decisions come in front of us, we end up blaming others. To make your hearing and understanding at a justified pace, this information is all you want to know, before taking any major decision for yourself or your near ones. SRCOE is one of the best engineering colleges in Pune that is serving the nation with quality in education since decades. It was established in 2008, under the guidance of Shree Maruti Ramchandra Bhumkar and his respected family. The renowned family is a dedicated family that believes in creating ambitious standards in the field of education and social service. They have contributed their good works for the upliftment of society and are still working on the journey of growth and development. The management is committed to providing the state of the art infrastructure to the students. Unlike other institutes, this institute is known for its ground touching fees structures which compliment the sky touching levels of education. With the education in mind, one can be the future responsible citizen of the country. The need to understand and to carry forward the good work is only fulfilled with the quality of education, we give to these young minds. One can only dream of a garden when he had watered the seeds in the correct amount. Similarly, the dream of healthy society could only be completed if we are shaping the healthy minds. The change is near, the change is you!

The fulfilling dreams

The college is listed among the top engineering institute. The advance practices of engineering in the College allow it to be the most preferred choice among the admission seekers. The protocol of the learning is focused on the two important aspects of life. Academic Excellence and Personality Development. These two traits are similar to two sides if the coin. Both of them compliments and give meaning to each other. Without academic excellence, there is no room for success for personality. Similarly, without a good pleasant personality, your academic accountabilities would not be recognized properly.

The Academic Excellence

The college has experienced faculty which is dedicated to providing thorough theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject. The theoretical knowledge helps in making the student understand the basic principles of the subject that in turn help them to have a good practical hand. The teachers are friendly with the students that make the teaching -learning process more easy and effective. Our previous academic record is the result of our achievement. The on- time completion of the subject syllabus is the key feature of their teaching style. This has helped the students to do the self- study of the subject and in the case of any doubt, they are always welcomed to discuss with their faculty.

Engineering College in Wagholi

Courses we offered;

Post- Graduation Courses:

  • E & TC (VLSI & EMB SYS.)
  • NITS

Graduation Courses:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • E& TC Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in Mechanical
  • Diploma in Civil
  • Diploma in Electrical

The extra care of extra- curricular activities

The college is a known name for making extra efforts in providing excellence among the extra- curricular activities of its students. The management is taking proper care to give equal opportunities to its students to develop in every domain of life. The particular care is being given to ensure that ethical principles are well nurtured inside the developing hearts of the youth of our country.

Why we?

Our achievements are loud. With our consistency and arduous work, we have managed to be the Best Engineering College of the City. Unlike other institutes, we are working for the social cause of imparting education to future of the society. Our economical fee structure with all the required amenities in the college has made us stay number one. We are on a long journey of finding and providing excellence in the society. The young enthusiastic minds are welcomed in our place!

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