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Committees & Cells

Women Grievance Cell

Sr. No

Name of committee members


Prof. Dr. A. D. Desai


Prof. Mrs. Deepti Varshney


Prof. B. H. Thombre


Prof. Zurunge D. B


Prof. Godse M. R.


Prof. Dr. Navale L. G.


Sport Committee



Department of physical education will continue to be recognised as a leader in extra circular and recreational activities on campus of society. We will develop a comprehensive program that support for student learning and lifelong perceptions and wellness. We value student development, collaboration and professionalism


We strive to be best at identifying and delivering successful agility training methods and strategies by focusing on quality, science based solutions that enhanced our student skills and sports activities.

Members of sport committee

Sr. No

Name of committee members


Contact No.


DR. Sushma U Tayde

Director Of Phuysical Education



Prof. Amit Khedkar

Sport Co-ordination (Mechanical)



Prof. Baban Thombre

Sport Co-ordination (Computer)



Prof. Sachin Godse

Sport Co-ordination (Mechanical)



Prof. S. S. Thorat.

Sport Co-ordination



Prof. Sarag Narwate

Sport Co-ordination (Diploma)



Prof. V. N. Bande

Sport Co-ordination (Civil)



Prof. K. S. Charkha

Sport Co-ordination (Civil)


Library  Committee


  1. To consider policy matters regarding Central Library/Departmental libraries including the policy for procurement of books and journals and render advice to the Purchase Committee for Library procurements.
  2. To look into the day to day problems of the Library clientele, Library staff and send recommendations to Principal for the desired decision.
  3. Raising library visibility by disseminating information about resources that support academic and lifelong learning, and promote information competency.
Sr No Name Of The Member Designation
1 Prof. K. Sujatha Chairperson
2 Prof. D. B. Zurunge Member
3 Prof. A. S. Shitole Member
4 Prof. S. S. Patil Member
5 Prof. Yuvraj Kininge Member Secretary
6 Mr. Akash Kotwal Student Respresentative

Duties and Functions of Library  Committee

  1. To guide the Librarian in formulating general library policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library.
  2. To provide for proper documentation services and updating the Library collection.
  3. To work towards modernization and improvement of Library and Documentation Services.
  4. To formulate policies and procedures for efficient use of Library resources.
  5. To review Library readership dept-wise
  6. To adopt measures to enhance readership
  7. To prepare budget and proposals for the development of the Library.
  8. To seek feedback on Library functions from readers.
  9. To submit the annual report on the functioning of the library
  10. To take measures to increase the membership of the Library beyond the boundaries of the College

Food Safety Authority Committee


  • To maintain Food Hygiene and Food Safety and provide healthy and nutrition food for the students in the Institute.
  • To develop preventive measures on protection of student health from hazards in foods
Sr. No. Members Name Designation
1 Prof.Dr.A.D.Desai Chairperson
2 Prof. Arable S.P. Designated officer’s
3 Prof.Khedkar A.B. Designated officer’s
4 Mr. Anil Jamdade Finance  Officer
5 Mr.Sachin Zurunge Food Technologist
6 Mr.Raju Walke Food Business Operator
7 Mr.Thorat Sadashiv Boys Hostel Warden
8 Ms. Jyoti Nirmal Girls Hostel Warden
9 Mr.Rahul Mule College Student
10 Mr. Manohar Battulla Hostel Student

Duties and functions of Food Safety Authority Committee:

  1. To regulate and monitor the manufacture, processing, distribution, sale and import of food so as to ensure safe and wholesome food.
  2. The Food authority may, from time to time give such directions, on matters relating to food safety and standards, to the Food business operator and food analyst.
  3. The food Analyst has to check food quality every month by visiting cafeteria.
  4. Meeting should be organized with members of food authority twice in a month to discuss food safety nutrition and healthy supplements.
  5. The Finance officer carry out   food safety audit and checking compliance with food safety authority committee.
  6. The food business operator should check the date of manufacturing of food product and maintain a hygienic condition in food processing area.

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