ICT Tools

ICT Tools

In SRCOE, the classrooms and labs are ICT enabled with projectors installed and the campus is enabled with high speed wife connection. The faculty at SRCOE use various ICT enabled tools to enhance the quality of teaching-learning like

1. Google classroom is used to manage and post course related information- learning material, quizzes, lab submissions and evaluations, assignments, etc.

2. Virtual labs are used to conduct labs through simulations.

3. Online drawing tools like concept maps, mind maps, are used to perform student centric activities.

 4. The PPTs are enabled with animations and simulations to improve the effectiveness of the teaching- learning process.

5. The online learning environments are designed to train students in open problem-solving activity.

6. Media lab facility is used to create video lectures and upload in appropriate platforms for students to use as extra learning resources.

7. Lab manuals are mailed to students well in advance the experiment is performed.

8. Online quizzes and polls are regularly conducted to record the feedback of the students.

9. To teach mathematical subjects in online mode, teachers have used various online tools like- whiteboard in Microsoft teams, Jam board in Google meet, etc.

General ICT Tools are Using by SRCOE faculties are: Desktop and laptops, Projector, Digital cameras, Printer, Photocopier, tablets, Pen Drive, IPods, Scanners, Microphones, interactive white board, DVDs and CDs, Flash discs.