SRES is the Best College for engineering diploma, dergee & post graduation courses in Pune



Students have practical knowledge, they know basics & the company will have to teach them during training what professional working knowledge is required.


Skillful students and can be trained & assigned to some product based project in Product support. Training them is easy, skills are already great, and they can be put to other uses too in the company

They can be used for client interaction we have mostly big products already built with recurring client support-n-development.

Training them is easy, skills or not, they can be put to other uses, like admin, documentation, etc.


Communications still have a long way to go. We as an MNC also have to think of their employees, from the point of view of presentation while communication. Hence the edge, If they communicate & present so well in college, they may have better prospect in their company in future


Global businesses love to outsource to India as they can get access to a highly educated workforce that is experienced. Here Students are skilled, proficient in English, computer-literate and technically talented


Average quality students!


We have selected students from this college on the basis of analytical skills & communication to make him and other team member comfortable working with him/her. So English becomes the first criteria of evaluation, students are really good at programming skills. Obviously industry needs more doer than speakers.


Great infrastructure and greenery. Average English speaking junta (Professional proficiency).
Better problem solving skills owing to better foundations in mathematics.


It is impractical to find all the employees with all the skill set but here we have found students with good technical skills.  Few students have got out of the box thinking, few have technical way of engineering giving a solution to a problem. Major of them have great Problem solving skills.