Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Institute Vision:

To be the competitive and renowned technical institute imparting quality education for socio-economic development of our country.

Futuristic Technical Education:

The institute is dedicated to provide ample opportunity to students to learn the theoretical concepts practically. The institute follows the under given process:

1. Teaching Learning Process

 The institution has an effective conjunction among teaching, research and extension. Academic as well industrial collaboration with reputed organizations across the globe is at priority for the institute which assist the institutes strength to fulfill the vision of establishing competitive and renowned technical institute imparting quality education that develops and applies knowledge to all the students by experiential learning.

2. Extension Activities

Awareness programme such as talks, seminars and workshops related to the patriotism, Engineers Day, Swatch Bharat etc. under extension Activities and Outreach Programmes are focused on the integral formation of the student. Training and Workshops on Transferable Skills help the students to serve the society better. Strive for truth and Service We provide quality education to our students. Integrity and transparency are reflected in all the endeavors of the institution; from the Admission process up to the conformant of Degree/Placement and even beyond. The institution stands for humanity, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search for truth. For this we create an environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation and mutual support. The Institution believes in the policy of inclusion and promotes the Nation building qualities of equality, justice and fraternity.

3. Value Education Programms

 Once a week for students of all year are held for all students throughout the year to enable students to discern and make informed choices for life. Soft skills also form part of these classes.

4. Self-Evaluation and Continual Renewal

The Institution follows a multi level evaluation process to support a continual renewal such as:-

a. Self Appraisal by Teaching and Administrative Staff,

b. Peer Evaluation Process of Student Evaluation

c. Academic Audit

d. Stakeholders Feedback

e. Management Appraisal