Learning Levels of Students

Learning Levels of Students

The institution assesses the learning levels of the students and organizes special Programmes for advanced learners and slow learners.

The students admitted in our college are coming from various economic sections and communities of the society. Most of the students are from backward categories i.e. ST, SC, and OBC. The college is very much aware about their overall growth and social upliftment in the society.

 Our college has a fair system for admission process. The students are admitted in our institution without considering caste, creed, and gender, and religion, social and economic status. After the completion of admission process regular classes commence as per the college time table.

 After admissions college adopts a process to identify slow and advance learners among students. Advanced learners and slow learners are identified on as per their responses in the class room as well as the performance in the Unit test, internal examinations. After knowing slow advanced learners, the teachers prepare separate list of slow and advance learners and conduct extra lectures for weaker students. The teachers observe that whether the student is easily understanding the lesson. If they fail to understand the topic or teaching of a teacher, the same was having been explained again in a easy way. This is the informal way to complete the teaching-learning process and it is also convenient to both teacher and students. Advanced learners are encouraged to ask their concern freely and frequently with the teachers, in a formal way. Students are encouraged to refer advanced textbooks, journals and for their advanced studies. Home assignment and projects are taken prepared from the Students. They are also encouraged to apply for different competitive examinations. They are motivated to participate in seminar presentation, Poster presentation, quiz competition, debates and university level etc.

Following activities are done by teachers for students:

Slow learners:

1. Individual counseling.

2. Remedial Coaching

3. Extra notes.

4. Group discussion session.

5. Internal examination process.

6. Encouragement in NSS, Sports and academic activities.

7. Extra library books.

Advance learners:

1. Advance notes

2. Seminar sessions

3. Participative learning sessions i.e. Self-Discipline Day & Teachers Day

4. Experimental learning sessions i.e. Industrial Tour

5. Projects

6. Assessments

7. Group discussion sessions