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    Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering Pune


"Quality and excellence play important role in education."

As a social responsibility the society "Shree Ramchandra Education" established an educational Institute in 2011. There are five branches of Engineering Degree Mechanical, Civil, E&TC, Electrical and Computer and three branches of Diploma Course in Mechanical, Civil & Electrical Branches. We also have Post Graduate Course in Mechanical, E&TC and Computer.

We have ARC Centers for all courses of Diploma, Engineering, Post Graduate Courses.

Language Lab, Online National & International Journal access, Digital Class Rooms, Seminar halls with over-head Projectors are the key attractions of the college.

We have advanced software like MATLAB, Xilinx, CAD / CAM, MultiSim.

We have also brought Ultra Modern equipment for Civil Department having the Brand Mark of Lorenz & Leo. We have Spectrum Analyzers, High Quality DSOs and equipments.

We have computers of iCore 4, iCore 5, Pentium4 processors with latest configurations of RAM and other peripheral devices with all licensed softwares. We also have an Internet connectivity of 12 MBPS connection in all the Software Labs and Computer Centers. Efficient Lathe Machines in Workshop are available.

100% Placement of students is one of our priorities and right from the beginning, this college has been taking initiatives for Pool Campus in the premises. Companies like Wipro & HCL has already been called for the pool campus.

Our main Aim is to educate the students who are from economically backward class hence we have Scholarships and Installment facilities for such students.

We have Campus hostel and transport facility to the major places of Pune.

We are sure that you will experience the best time of your life in our campus.

We extend a warm welcome again to all budding engineers.

Thank You.

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