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      Sports Director - Dr Sushma Tayde.

       NIS in Hockey,B.P.E, B.P.Ed, M.P. Ed.,Phd in Physical Education

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Dr.Sushma Tayde is the Director of Department of Sports and Gymkhana; she has got an experience of 10 years.She has worked as Manager Women Hockey team-Pune University, also worked as Coach for Maharashtra Softball Cricket (Women).She has awarded 6 National Certificates in Hockey as well as Ball-Badminton At the same time she has been awarded 5 Inter-University Certificate in Hockey(2 Year Captainship)

The mission of the department is to provide a broad spectrum of sports, recreation and leisure activities for students, staff and faculty, as well as members of the local community. The primary direction is to provide services and programs that stimulate growth, development and retention of students in a contemporary and safe environment that develops fitness and wellness, social interaction and leadership opportunities.

Besides the academic activities Students would like together attention relieved and focused on fun and physique. Sports activities help the students to keep them fit both mentally and physically. The institution provides abundant facilities for the students to get accustomed with the varied sports activities like Basket Ball, Football , Hockey, Cricket, Throw ball, Ball-badminton, Kabbadi,, Kho-Kho, Volley Ball and indoor games like Badminton, Cress, Carom, Table Tennis and Skating. Our students know all the angles, to bring laurels to the college and themselves.



Department of Physical Education will continue to be recognized as a leader in extracurricular and recreational activities on campus in the society. We will develop a comprehensive program that supports for student learning and lifelong participation and wellness. We value student development, collaboration and professionalism.


We strive to be the best at identifying and delivering successful agility training methods and strategies by focusing on quality, science-based solutions that enhance our student’s skills in sports activities.

We Strive to Meet Our Mission Goals by:

1. Backed by Scientific Research – Using proven methods allowing you to train in the mostefficient manner.
2. Easy to Follow, Precise Steps – By following these steps, you have clear, focused goals which make it simple to train and create the drive towards sports.
3. Goal-Oriented Instructions – Increase confidence in competition and a winning performance
4. Motivational Training – Motivational talks and videos.


1. Intramural activities.
2. Extramural activities.
3. Organization of tournament.
4. Training and coaching in elite sports competitions.
5. Enrollment of students in the concerned sports and games.
6. Staff Sports.
7. NSS activities.
8. YUVA”- The Mega event, it is known as best annual inter-collegiate Techno-Cultural festival in the country.
9. Annual Sports meet