Mechanical Department

Mechanical Department

Mechanical Engineering Department has well equipped Laboratories in Thermal, Design, Production areas with huge investment in various machineries and equipment’s. We have highly qualified teaching staff members. Department has taken a big leap with additional intake of 180 students from SE onwards and PG in Design Engineering with 24 students.

The department aims to be regionally recognized as a premier department imparting high quality education to engineers, who will serve the divers needs as per changing society and industry.

The mission of mechanical department is to prepare it’s students to pursue life-long learning, serve the profession and meet intellectual ,ethical and carrier challenges.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

1. To prepare the students for Successful professional careers with strong fundamental knowledge in Science, Mathematics, English and Engineering Sciences so as to enable them to analyze the Mechanical Engineering related problems leading to leadership, entrepreneurship or pursuing higher education (Preparation).

2. To develop ability among the students for acquiring technical knowledge in specialized areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Materials, Design, Manufacturing and Thermal Engineering with a focus on research and innovation and gaining the technical skills in classical software packages.

3. Be able to develop the communication skills, professional personality and ethical values that will mould them into a good human beings, responsible citizens and competent professionals and zeal for life-long learning.


About Department.

Sr.No Mechanical  Engineering Department Department Capacity
1 Intake capacity 60
2 Teaching staff 11
3 Non-teaching staff 06
4 No. of classrooms 03
5 No.of laboratories 11