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About :
Department of Computer Engineering, SRCOE, Pune inaugurated “CSA” (Computer Student Association) by the auspicious hands of Honorable Dr. A. D. Desai, Principal, SRCOE, in the presence of Honorable Mr. M. R. Bhumkar, President, SRES’S, and Honorable Mr. S. R. Bhumkar, Secretary, SRES’S with honorable guests on the occasion of Teacher’s day, 05 sep 2015. Prof. Varshney Deepti, Head, CSE, SRCOE, said about Goals & Vision for “CSA”. “CSA” is student association which is responsible for organizing events like workshops, National & International Conferences, Cultural activities and various academic works for the Departmental students.

Objective :
1.Keeping in view the current trends and technologies being used by the industries to organize various training programs to enhance the skills of students.
2.Mainly focuses upon the personality development to make the students reliable, with positive attitude and right decision making, to develop leadership and initiative and to plant a responsibilities amongst the members of the Association.
3.To in culet the management skills in students by giving them the opportunity to organize various programs.
4.Help the students to develop a passion to win and a global mindset.

1.To organize professional and social activities which strengthen and enrich the community within the department.
2.Develop a process for engaging the faculty/student in an inclusive, collaborative and transparent strategic planning process.
3.Act as a link between students and Faculties.

3.Act as a link between students and Faculties.

1.Organization of multiple workshops, seminars, cultural events and industrial visits in departmen