Girls Hostel

Vission: To be the competitive and renowned technical institute imparting quality education for socioeconomic development of our country.

Mission: To provide the student a peaceful and congenial environment to enable them to excel in their studies and personality development.

Aim & Objective:

1. The aim of this Manual is to lay down the procedures, rules and regulations for smooth,efficient and economical operations of the Hostel and the Canteen.
2. To provide the student a peaceful and congenial environment to enable them to excel in their studies and personality development.
3. Hostel Management, Security of Hostel girls students as well as Property, good order and peace in the hostel, students staying in the hostel must comply with the hostel rules.
4. To lay down system and producers for efficient functioning of the Shree Ramachandra Education Society’s Students Hostel.
5. To create an efficient & effective management system.
6. To create an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation amongst the students.
7. To create amongst the students, a sense of accommodation and to inculcate discipline.
8. To set the behavioral aspect of the employees of Hostel and the Canteen will observe proper,respectful relation with the students and other residents as well as among themselves.
9.To run/manage the Hostel and its Canteen efficiently.
10. To prepare well cultured and knowledgeable technocrats by imparting quality education.


  No. Of Room's Seats Total Seat's
Three Seats 08 03 24
Six Seats 22 06 132
  Total Capacity of Girls   156


Sr.No Particulars Amount (Rs)
1 Hostel Residence 20,000
2 Hostel Mess 25,000
3 Security Deposit / Development Fees 5000
4 Form Fees 100
  Total Fees 50,100 Per/Year

SRCOE Hostel Rules & Regulations

1. The Hostel Manager has a major responsibility to take necessary steps and to set up necessary procedures
2. During the college admission season to ensure that maximum no. of girl and boy students seek admission to the Hostel
3. Preparation of maintenance plan of the rooms and its execution.
4. Preparation of publicity material through the SRES.
5. To ensure that the office team including the Accounts Clerk is present all the time to accept admission forms and the fees as well as to allotment of the rooms.
6. To establish sample room on each floor for visitors to see.
7. A student seeking hostel accommodation has to apply by filling the Admission Forms and should submit the Mandatory Documents.
8. All the forms shall be deposited with the Hostel Manager. The forms should be scrutinized by the Hostel Manager. Once the same is scrutinized final approval of admission will be done by Hostel Committee .
9. The list of selected students shall be displayed on the Notice Board. A copy of the same would be sent to Hostel Committee, Accounts Section, Canteen Manager and Other authorities of Hos