AI & DS Engineering

AI & Data Science Skill Development


Sr.No Name of Subject/Topic Speakers Name Date Document
01 Software Engineering Mrs. Dr. Prachi Joshi May 9th, 2022 View Document
02 Webinar on Python Mrs. Dr. Vidya Argade February 14th, 2022 View Document
03 Career guidance by Unacademy Mr. Pramodkumar D. Ahirrao April 12th, 2022 View Document
04 Placements Training – (Buisness Communication skills) Barclays May 7th, 2022 View Document
05 Humans values By Heartfulness March 15th, 2022 View Document
06 Webinar on How gracefully carry out career     View Document
07 Letter of Internship   October-18th-2022 View Document