Diploma Civil Engineering

Life @ Diploma Civil Department.


Diploma Civil (CESA)

The Civil Engineering Students’ Association (CESA) promotes, coordinates and organizes academic activities in SRCOE’s field of Civil Engineering. The CESA helps build a healthy rapport between all the Civil students of the college, which gives them opportunities to share their research amongst every member. The seniors can pass on their knowledge and experiences to the new student batches while the latter can also bring forth their problems to the former.

Civil engineers play a critical role in the construction of infrastructure. They plan infrastructure projects and costs and design airports, bridges, dams, harbors and the highways millions of people use. Civil engineers has an ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.

In the course of an academic year, the CESA conducts various technical activities for the students. The Association organises various technical seminars and workshops, and many more. JK Cement workshops are conducted to encourage students their events organised by the Association.