Alumni Association


2. OFFICE ADDRESS: C/o. Shree Ramchandra Education Society&rsquo's
Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering, Gat No. 351, Lonikand, Off Nagar Road, Pune-412 216.
Mobile. No. 9986399839, 9764558909
That the said objects shall be on a no profit & no loss basis.

The mission of the SRCOE Alumni Association (“Association”) is to build strong mutually beneficial ties between Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering (“SRCOE”), and its diverse alumni through meaningful programs, services and communication.
1.Preamble: SRCOE Alumni Association is organized exclusively to connect alumni of the UG PG and Diploma institutions of the Shree Ramchandra Education Society (SRES) to the SRCOE and to each other, to provide valued service to members of the Association and to support the institute‟s mission of knowledge, education, and service. Association also undertakes the responsibility of highlighting the achievements of its members in engineering and social life.
2.The short title of the Association shall be SRCOEALUMNI. The registered office of the Association shall be situated at Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering, Lonikand Pune-412 216.

Aims and Objectives

1. To provide a forum to establish a link between the alumni, management, faculty and students of the college.
2. To enable the alumni to participate in activities that would contribute to the general development of the college. Give
   your employee a small token of recognition, like a Harvard tote bag or gift card ... Thanks to your great work, I was able
   to justify a needed piece of equipment for our ...
3. To keep the alumni abreast of scientific and technological development of national importance.
4. To keep the alumni in resolving their technical Problems.
5. To sponsor institute prizes, scholarships and render financial aid to deserving students of the college.
6. To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni, celebrating their achievements, project sponsorship, expert lectures,
   develop lab etc.

The following are members of the first Executive Committee and they are entrusted the work and management of the association as per Rules and Regulations of the Association their addresses and designation, Age, Occupation and Nationality are given below of above Association.

No. Name & Address Designation Age Occ. Nationality
1.  Dr. Avinash Dattatraya Desai Suvarnayug B-44, New D.P.Road, Near Medipoint Hospital, Ganeshkhind, Aundh, Pune 411007. President 56 Professor Indian
2 Mr. Suneel Kumar Malikarjun Bambary 8-6-111, Janawada Road, Basaveshwar Colony Bidar, Kamataka 585401. V- Presiden 49 Assistant Professor Indian
3 Mr. Dattatraya Balaso Zurunge Pilanwadi, Rahu Daund Pune 412207. Secretary 30   Indian
4 Mr. Gaurav Maruti Bhumkar LoniKand, Pune 412216. V- Secretary 21 Student Indian
5 Miss. Pallavi Vijaykumar Bande Dhanagar Galli, Renapur, Latur 413527. Member 22 Student Indian
6 Miss. Bhagyashri Uttam Adhwade At.Po Male, Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune 412108. Member 21 Student Indian

We the following signatories the members of the above Association jointly and severally declare that we wish to form a Association and register the same under the Societies Registration Act 1860, and for that object we met today i.e. on 28/02/2017 and formed the above Association for registration.

Sr.No Name Signature
1 Dr. Avinash Dattatray Desai  
2 Mr. Suneel Kumar Malikarjun Bambary  
3 Mr. Dattatraya Balaso Zurunge  
4 Mr. Gaurav Maruti Bhumkar  
5 Mr. Sunil Pralhad Deokule  

This is to certify that is the best of our knowledge there is no society or Institution in existence of similar name “SRCOE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, PUNE” C/o. Shree Ramchandra Education Society’s Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering, Gat No. 351, Lonikand, Off Nagar Road, Pune-412 216.

OFFICE ADDRESS: C/o. Shree Ramchandra Education Society’s ShreeMobile. No. 9986399839, 9764558909


2. General Body „means the general body of “SRCOE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION , PUNE”
3. Executive Committee‟ means the committee which is constituted to be Executive Committee of “SRCOE ALUMNI
   ASSOCIATION, PUNE” under these regulations.
4. President‟ means the President of Governing Body.
5. Secretary‟ means the Secretary of “SRCOE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION , PUNE”
5. Registrar‟ means of Registrar of societies, Maharashtra state, Mumbai.
6. Act‟ means Societies Registration Act, 1860.
7. Teaching Staff „means the Principal, Professors, Assistant Professors, Lectures, Readers employed in “SRCOE

The area of operation of the society is limited to Maharashtra state.
ACCOUNTING YEAR: The accounting year of the said society shall be commencing on 1st April and ending on 31st March.
CHARTER OF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: The association shall consist of the following categories of membership.

Council of patrons:
Chief Patron: The Founder President of SRES Lonikand Pune shall be the ex-officio Chief Patron of the Association. (Ex-officio: by virtue of one's position or status)
Alumni Members: Only past students who have acquired any Degree/Diploma including the Master degree from this College/Society shall be eligible to become alumni members (active members) for life by paying the required fees.
Associate Member: Regular Teaching staff of the SRCOE, will be associate member OR Faculty member of the Institute having more than two year of standing at the college may become Associate Members (Faculty) of the association on payment of life membership fees for tenure of his/her service in the College
Invited Members: Such persons to be designated by the Executive Committee who may be of help in attaining the objectives of the Association as Invited Members for a period of one year.
Student Member: A student member is one who is a final year undergraduate or post graduate student of this college.
MEMBERSHIP FEE: For life membership of Alumni Association, students need to register at the time of admission by paying fees as follows:

Sr.No Course Fee for Life Membership (Rs)
1 Diploma 800/-
2 Degree 1000/-
3 Mr. Dattatraya Balaso Zurunge 1500/-

Faculty members enrolling as Associate Members (Faculty) shall pay a fee of Rs100. All the other members shall be exempt from the Membership fee.

GENERAL BODY: All the members will form the General Body of the Association.
1.Every qualified member will have a right to attend any general body meeting of the Association and will be eligible to vote there at.
2. Financial year of this association will be considered from 1st April to 31st March.
3. Source of Income for this Association will be by membership fees, donation, corpus funds, interest, charity shows, contributions, assistance etc.
4. The right and privileges of a membership shall not be transferable.
5. The General Body shall meet, at least once a year at a time

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall manage the affairs of the association. The executive body and signing authority is subjected to change if required by mutual consent of the committee member. The Secretary and treasurer of the executive committee shall be amongst the associate members who are faculty members at the college. The principal of the Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering Pune will be ex-officio President of the Association. To look after the functioning of the Association an Executive Committee of the following office bearers and members will be formed:
I. President
II. Vice-president (from associate members)
III. Secretary
IV. Joint Secretary V. Treasurer
VI. Executive members (07)

The Principal, SRCOE will be ex-officio President of the Association. Vice President and Secretary shall be elected by the outgoing Executive Committee by majority vote. The Joint Secretary, Treasurer and the executive members shall be elected by the General
Body by majority vote for a period of two years at the annual general meeting of the association. Two Members will be co-opted as Executive Committee members by the newly elected Executive Committee by majority vote. The executive members shall be consisting of at least 05 members and maximum 08 members including Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer from alumni and at least 02 members and maximum 05 members including vice president from associate members. The executive members from alumni should possess degree with 1st class or minimum higher second class.
At the Annual General Body Meeting, the Secretary shall present the Annual Report of the activities of the Association and the Treasurer shall submit the financial reports.

The term of the executive committee shall be about two years. The election shall be held every two years. All active members of the association shall have the right to vote, propose, second or be a candidate for the elected positions of the executive committee
In case of vacancy of the any post or the executive member, the post may be filled with a member nominated by the managing committee.

MEETING: All the meeting will be presided over by the President/Vice-President/Treasurer or the most senior member present.

The Quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be minimum 5 members and for the General Body meeting minimum 21 members.
The General body meeting shall be held at least once every year on the second Sunday of February called Alumni Meeting. The new Executive Committee shall be elected at every alternate Annual meeting, and the new Executive Committee's term will start with immediate effect.
The Executive Committee meeting will precede every Annual Meeting. Executive Committee Meeting can also be convened by the President or can be requisitioned by at least 6 members of the Executive Committee as and when required.
President or the executive committee may call an extra ordinary meeting of the General body, by giving a notice of at least 14 days through the daily newspaper or by correspondence.

FINANCES: The finances of the Association will rose through the following sources.
Membership: The annual memberships vide Para 4 or as decided by the Executive Committee/General Body from time to time.
The life membership fee as mentioned elsewhere or as decided by the Executive Committee/General Body from time to time.
Donation: Donation of Rs. 2500/- or more will be accepted from the members, sympathizers or organizations both Government and private.
Souvenir: Efforts will be made to raise fund through publication of advertisements and messages in Souvenir, which may be brought out by the Alumni Association at the time of Annual meeting.

We at SRCOE take pride in acknowledging that our alumni are our greatest strength. We believe that developing an active and engaged alumni network not only empowers the Institute but also to its graduates.
It is our belief that the SRCOE Alumni Association program will continue to grow and evolve. Our Alumni will surely achieve laurels round the globe and we wish to showcase the same. Now is the time to start soliciting partners, sending emails, handing out business cards, and inviting alumni to reconnect, rekindle memories, and re-engage to foster strong bonds between the alumni, students and the SRCOE.
We shall have strong Alumni Network with our alumni placed in top Organizations and MNCs all over the world. They are always accessible to help the student body and the College with their regular interaction.

The Officers OF “SRCOE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, PUNE” shall be President, Vice president, Secretary, Vice secretary, Treasurer and members

To preside over and conduct the general body meeting and the meeting of the general body, to operate bank accounts and be the bank signatory, to decide all matters/issues by majority of votes, the right to call any meeting, to do all acts in order to promote the welfare of the alumni, to keep control over the staff of the organization, the president shall have a casting vote in case of a tie.
DUTIES OF THE VISE PRESIDENT: To assist the president in his work and to act as President in his absence.
DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY: The Secretary shall maintain records of proceeding of “SRCOE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, PUNE” and governing body and shall perform such other duties as president of governing body desire.
DUTIES OF THE VISE SECRETARY: To assist the Secretary in his work and to act as Secretary in his absence.
TREASURER: He will be responsible for all sum of money which is from time to time received by the alumni, to get the accounts of the alumni audited, and present the statements of accounts the annual general body, to present the budget to the general body for consideration and sanction.
MEMBERS: Other member of general body of the alumni shall do the work for overall development of the alumni.